Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'll give you my dmesg when you take it from my cold, dead hands

Tonight's (rather quick) NetBSD/vax retrochallenge change was to disable kernfs from the install kernel & include dmesg in the crunchgen binary.

The installer images for most NetBSD ports already do this, and there is something quite offputting in any *BSD system, no matter how cut down in seeing "dmesg: not found"

Net effect is a slightly smaller image, and of course the ability to drop to a shell at any point and type dmesg... just like $deity intended.

As an added bonus I took the opportunity to add dhcpcd to the vax installer image, because frankly life is too short to be manually entering IP addresses...

The more eagle eyed among you will notice the dmesg image above is both a xterm screengrab, and obviously from a simh-vax emulator. This is because tonight I am far from my vax, and the edit-build-test cycle is a lot more convenient run locally on my Thinkpad.

Fear not, these changes will be run on real iron too...

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