Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tidying up at the end of the week

Spot the server, printer, or cow
Spent some of today tidying up the house, and a little bit tidying up in the Dreamcast and VAX emulation world.
  • Updated the Booting NetBSD/vax in SIMH howto to reflect the changes in NetBSD-6, point to the correct page for the simh pkgsrc package and misc cleanup
  • Updated the NetBSD/dreamcast howto to point at the two very much easier methods of burning a Dreamcast CD
  • Relaxed the timer granularity check on the SIMH pkgsrc package to allow setting the idle check on machines with HZ=100 - now emulated vax machines do not need to max out the host CPU all the time
  • Fixed the configure mkstemp() check on the gxemul pkgsrc package, so it can boot full Dreamcast CD images again
  • Adjusted the dc-burn-netbsd script to include a full set of devices in the release-in-root-on-cd case, and attempted to test this in gxemul (hence the previous item)
Interestingly I discovered that once the CD image was booted in gxemul attempting to mount the CD failed with the (verbose) gxemul console messages:
[ GDROM cmd: 30 20 39 fd 9c 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 (cnt=2048) ]
[ diskimage__internal_access(): disk_id 0, offset 2791911424, transfer not completed. len=2048, len_done=0 ]
GDROM: diskimage_access failed? TODO 
Given the entire ISO image was 97,910,784 bytes in size, I suspect tying to access data at offset 2,791,911,424 is unlikely to yield a happy result in any universe with congruent natural laws to our own, but just to make sure I'll try to test on a real Dreamcast tomorrow.

Looks like I'll either be hacking my dc-burn-netbsd script to determine what boneheaded bug I've added, or gxemul's Good good!

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