Saturday, 14 July 2012

Potential VAX gcc news (and damp dogs)

Today was not particularly productive in Retrochallenge terms - I visiting my parents and spent a large part of it digging fresh palisade roll into their garden, ably "assisted" by two dogs, one of whom tried to stand exactly wherever I needed to be, and the other just dug up random sections of flowerbed.

Fortunately it was raining continually, which should have driven the dogs indoors, rather less fortunately they were so caught up in helping me that they remained outside the entire time, finally following me back in trailing that distinctive fragrance of "damp dog"... and mud. Don't forget the mud.

I did manage to exchange email with someone who is both an expert on VAX assembler and gcc, who now has an simh NetBSD environment setup, and is investigating the possibility of fixing the latest gcc to be able to compile VAX executables which bear at least a passing resemblance to their source code.

This is definitely a Good Thing (in VAX terms), and would benefit anyone looking to compile VAX executables for any system using a recent gcc (Granted, this may be a rather exclusive club).

Oh, and I did fix a recently added reference in the NetBSD atf tree which unconditionally pointed to the gcc-4.5 stdc++, breaking the gcc-4.1 build (and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the set of people who care about that make the group in the previous paragraph seem like a thundering herd).

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